nurse with child

Curis Design is a design collective that supports enterprises targeting healthcare professionals and health-oriented consumers.

The importance to create meaningful solutions and to deliver personalized healthcare is on the rise. Users and patients are aware of this trend. The design of each touchpoint on the stakeholders’ journey and sustainability are nowadays as important as quality and product features.

Curis Design helps medical device manufacturers better connect to their professional users and their consumer oriented customers through the power of design. By placing the user and patient experience of each product at the center of every new product development, our healthcare experience and expertise will help you to elevate your products and your brand to the next level.


Working with Curis Design

A vast network of healthcare specialized creatives, without hiring an agency.
A small and agile design team, carefully selected to meet your specific needs and budget.
A team with 20 years of experience working for Philips, one of the world’s leading healthcare innovators.
Access to expertise in mechanical engineering and production technologies for medical devices.
Situated in Eindhoven, The Netherlands – Europe’s leading design, technology and innovation hub.