About Curis

A unique design collective

Working with Curis Design means working with a collective of experienced and independent creatives, that you won’t find in anyone’s agency. As a team we’re flexible, fast and at our best when we work directly with clients. Anywhere, anytime. The way we work is pretty unique, and we like it that way.

For each project we engage with a team of designers from our network, bringing a perfect blend of relevant expertise and a healthy dose of curiosity to every challenge.

Our mission

To deliver the best possible care experience for patients, users and professionals.

Our vision

To empower healthcare companies to create more meaningful and successful product and service solutions

Our core values

Customer Centric | Dedicated | Collaborative

We are customer centric

Care. We believe in the success of long-term customer relationships. We are getting fully engaged with our clients to understand their area of expertise, we listen to their needs and ideas, and build on them to create meaningful and successful solutions with impact.

Adapt. We are aware that realities can change overnight. We are highly flexible and respond quickly to new requirements and changing circumstances.

We are dedicated

Passion. We recognize health and wellbeing as the precious gift that it is. We are committed to focusing on how we can ensure people deliver and receive the best possible care experience. 

Knowledge. Over the last 20 years we have built and strengthened our expertise with every project. We’re committed to sharing the knowledge and insight that this experience has given us with our clients – for the benefit of us all.

We are collaborative

Connect. For each challenge we engage with a team of healthcare-specialized designers from our nimble network to deliver maximum value – both in the design outcome and in the invoice.

Agile. We use Co-Creation, Design Thinking, Systemic Design and other design methodologies to quickly generate the right solution – for our clients, with our clients.

sven weichert

Curis Design was founded by Sven Weichert, a medical experience design specialist.
Sven’s career at world’s leading design agencies, including Philips Design, has spanned nearly 20 years. With Masters degrees in both product design and mechanical engineering, his unique combination of an artistic and technical background enables him to safeguard product delivery from concept to final product.

During his career Sven has accumulated a wealth of in-depth experience and medical knowledge in a broad spectrum of clinical applications. He has worked on projects with Philips and Siemens, plus other international manufacturers of medical devices including Sedecal, Villa, Trixell and Technix.

“I believe that great design can only be achieved in a multidisciplinary team. Success is the result of co-creation with clients who have an ambition, our creative minds and lots of positive energy.”