What we do

Our expertise

We are a multidisciplinary team with an artistic, technical and social-cultural background. Our goal is to create solutions that have a positive impact on your business and on people’s lives.

To ensure we achieve this positive impact, we engage with the core stakeholders and involve them in the design process during our Co-Creation sessions. We approach our research activities with empathy and curiosity to fully understand your needs and explore the needs of your customers.

The solution that we create together, will be visualized as a prototype, animation, illustration or rendering and be used to test the proposed design with your customers. We safeguard the implementation of the final product or UX solution all the way to the final market introduction, in close collaboration with your R&D department.


Design Vision Design Concept Design Implementation

People Research

Shadowing Interviews Formative /Summative Tests


Training of teams Workshop with clients Concept validation

UX Design

Wireframes UX Prototypes (e.g. Sketch, Axure, HTML) User Tests


Colors Materials Finishes


Ergonomic Check Functionality Check Design Check