Philips IntelliVue MX800

Briefing. Continuous monitoring supports a broad patient population – from basic screening and triage to complex surveillance in critical care. The request was to design the next generation of the high-end monitoring range for the ICU, which had to be backwards compatible to all accessories from former device generations. We introduced not only technical innovations like the flat panel touch UI, but also improvements in the passive cooling of the computing board. The split between back housing and display unit allowed a maximum heat dissapation with only one air slots. This architecture in combination with big and smooth surfaces improved the cleanability of the device significantly, and supported hospitals in their fight against MRSA.


Modular approach. The challenge was to define basic elements that could easily be assembled to create different monitoring solutions. This reduced production costs and was at the same time the enabler of a broad portfolio with customer tailored solution. The device is devided clearly into functional zones. The touch screen UI with the dark frame is creating a prominent user zone. The base is carrying all secondary device functions like On/Off button, release button of the connection interface, loudespeaker and battery compartment. On the left side all different kind of measurement modules are grouped together. At the backside is the central connector area. All accessories got a new design to improve technology, cleanability and to fit with the new generation of monitors.


Identity. The monitor range was not designed as a stand alone product. It is always part of a product family and in many cases also part of a solution that consists of different devices. We had to insure that each element was orchastrated to address the right needs and market segments and to be aligned with the design code for that specific segment. This harmonization across the portfolio was constantly monitored and safe guarded with design guidelines.