Philips Proxi Diagnost N90

Briefing. Redesign of the old EasyDiagnost Eleva DRF with a digital flat detector and a new table geometry, which allows the examination of extreme obese patients. The challenge was to reuse many existing parts like the hardware user interface and still create a sophisticated design, which fits to the Philips Healthcare identity. The goal was to create a solution that is less intimidating to the patient and that communicates clearly to the patient the possible movements of the system. We were looking for the fine balance between emphasizing the precision of the technology and still create a dedicated user zone with a certain comfort.

proxi 02
proxi 03
proxi 05
proxi 04

Simplicity. Our aim was to celebrate the simplicity of the pure shape, hiding screws wherever possible and have the functionality integrated in the shape itself. The object itself has to communicate its purpose via its shape and to guide the radiographer to use it in the appropriate way.

proxi 06
proxi 07